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Dennis Chang Leads Seminar at MIT’s Koch Institute


Clarion was recently invited by the MIT Biotechnology Group (MBG), a student organization with more than 2000 members, to give a seminar to the MIT and broader life-sciences community at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. In his seminar titled “Navigating Uncharted Waters: Clinical Strategy Amid Rapid Innovation” Principal Dennis Chang, PhD, articulated the key challenges in clinical development for the biopharma industry in the context of unprecedented pace of innovation and described possible strategic approaches to tackle them.

With more than 60 graduate students, post-docs, entrepreneurs and industry professionals participating, Dennis shared insights from two of Clarion’s noteworthy initiatives on the topic. First, he presented examples from Clarion’s “Strategic Pathway Research in Cancer “(SPARC), a formal approach to anticipating future innovation and to pipeline prioritization. Second, he shared the “Collaborative Novel-Novel Combination Therapies” (CoNNCT) approach to accelerating early testing of novel-novel combinations which was designed together with more than 40 industry and nonprofit leaders.

Following the highly interactive seminar, Bobby Moy, a Principal at Clarion, led an invitation-only educational session on the essentials of conducting due diligence in the life sciences. In addition to providing tips and techniques, Bobby offered feedback on MBG projects, supporting the group in building in-house expertise to provide technical and strategic analysis to VC’s and MIT angel investors.

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