Who do we work with?

As strategists and organizational troubleshooters, Clarion works directly for a broad range of corporate, business unit and brand executives. Comfortable and experienced navigating organizations, Clarion works as a partner to engage highly cross-functional teams across R&D, new products, and medical and commercial organizations to align on issue definition, insight generation, option development and execution planning.

Clarion’s direct clients include:

• Executive sponsors: boards of directors, CEOs, CCOs
• Organizational leadership: business unit/therapeutic area leads
• Brand management and leadership
• Functional management: marketing excellence, insights/market research, access and reimbursement, portfolio strategy, sales management
• Private equity, venture capital and other investors


Disease Area Expertise

Clarion has worked across a highly diverse set of therapeutic areas. Leveraging our backgrounds in science, translational medicine, traditional medicine, and business, Clarion’s team delves deeply into the dynamics of each individual disease—understanding the relationship between the disease process, diagnosis, and therapeutic choice. Clarion’s 360-degree view enables the organization to help effectively guide your decision-making through meaningful insights and robust strategic thinking.


Companies We Help

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