Clarion is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment by investing in each individual as a valuable member of our community.

We focus on three major goals:

1. EDUCATE: Create optimal work environment & team interactions
2. SUPPORT: Enrich professional growth & development
3. PERPETUATE: Develop DEI-centered formalized processes & policies

We address these goals with several approaches:​

  • Formal mentorship and professional development: Each Clarion consultant is paired with a Coach to support their individual journey in life sciences strategy consulting. This relationship is anchored on regular meetings to discuss goals and performance feedback. Each Coach advocates for their Coachees in staffing meetings and performance reviews. This formalized approach ensures that no one slips through the cracks and that each team member receives the individualized support that they need for success.​
  • DEI@Clarion Committee: This internal working group sprang organically from the passion and commitment of numerous Clarion consultants. Membership in the working group cycles regularly, ensuring that all voices have an opportunity to be heard. DEI@Clarion works on their own initiatives with full support from leadership, including developing firm policies, organizing seminars and trainings to raise awareness and foster inclusion-minded discussion, and hosting social events to celebrate what makes us unique. ​
  • Working closely with Clarion Leadership: In addition to members of the Management and Leadership teams who serve on the DEI working group, Clarion Leadership also consistently seeks input from DEI@Clarion on all major firm initiatives. DEI@Clarion works with Leadership at every step of the process, from Recruiting, New Hire Training, Professional Development/Coaching, and Performance Evaluation. ​

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion




Clarion embraces the holistic individual and empowers all to bring their authentic selves to our community. We proactively aim to achieve this by:

  • Enriching our relationships with each other and building a safe space to foster inspiring interactions, ensuring that every voice is heard and protected regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, etc.
  • Attracting, hiring, retaining, and promoting honest, inquisitive, passionate and collaborative people from diverse backgrounds, providing equitable support and opportunities
  • Creating outstanding and well-balanced teams where each viewpoint carries weight, allowing us to deliver superior service to our clients
  • Preparing people to be leaders within and beyond the organization and thereby making healthcare more equitable through our approach and values



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