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A unique commitment and approach to consulting.

Tailored solutions and strategies for your most complex life sciences challenges–that is at the heart of what makes Clarion different. Leveraging our years and breadth of experiences, the Clarion team looks at your challenges uniquely. Our insatiably curious and deeply committed team of seasoned advisors contemplates each situation with a fresh perspective. Never afraid to challenge the conventional perspectives, Clarion’s agile thinkers find possibilities where others see obstacles.

We get your commitment to tackling some of life sciences most intractable challenges; that is what inspires us.

At Clarion, we applaud you and commit ourselves to matching your energy, creativity and inspiration. We promise to be rigorous, creative and bold as we help your team navigate the sometimes turbulent, and always uncertain, waters ahead.

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A culture of entrepreneurs.

Deeply embedded in Clarion’s DNA is the drive and creative optimism of an entrepreneur–the kind of person that makes the impossible achievable. Complementing the rigor of the seasoned analyst, this entrepreneurial spark helps Clarion’s team see opportunities where others see obstacles. It gives us the confidence to look beyond the patterns of the past towards the possibilities of tomorrow.


An insatiable curiosity.

Clarion’s team consists of individuals who are deeply passionate about life sciences. Seasoned professionals who obsess with the details of daunting challenges deep into the night. Scientists and business brains working in symphony. Gritty professionals who thrive on taking problems apart and putting them together again as elegant solutions. At Clarion, we have no B-team, egos, or hierarchies. We do what we do because we are obsessed. Our brains are restless. We cannot let problems remain unsolved. What is wrong is not good enough. What is possible is. Our consultants are solvers, doers, believers.


A commitment to collaboration.

At Clarion, we have designed a truly collaborative consulting process. True collaboration–the kind where confident professionals listen, exchange ideas and find inspired solutions as a result–is quite rare. It takes confidence, commitment and time. We structure all of our engagements around the Clarion Collaborative Process Model. This allows us to build insights and bridges across functions, see new possibilities, and ensure a level of understanding and buy-in that leaves our clients stronger at the end of our engagements.

Leadership Team

Seasoned practitioners dedicated to your success.

Thomas Murtagh
CEO & Founder

Bart Lombardi
Founder & Managing Director

Carol M. Kearney
Managing Director

Dominick Mastropoalo
Managing Director

Robert (Bobby) Moy
Managing Director

Dennis Chang
Managing Director

Tim Barder
Senior Principal

Alyssa Trigger

David Bower

Ellen Edenberg

Natalie Thovmasian

Petya Spletzer

Daniel J. Hawkins
Founder Emeritus

Jen Fennessy
Director of Finance & Operations

Management Team

A balanced team with diverse and complementary backgrounds.

Alice Lu

Carolina Lahmann

Casey Thevenot

Jim Deng

Kate Kennedy

Katerina Mantzavinou

Kilang Yanger

Krisstel Gomez

Kyra Adams

Martin Strebl-Bantillo

Natalie Gill

Seth Bensussen

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