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Launch your career tackling business strategy challenges as a life sciences consultant.

For recent college graduates, Clarion provides an exceptional opportunity to launch your career for those interested in life sciences consulting jobs. As an associate at Clarion, you will gain deep experience in and broad exposure to the dynamic life sciences industry. In our downtown Boston office, you will work in collaborative, dynamic teams with other talented young professionals under the guidance of seasoned industry professionals. We deliberately structure our teams to provide you with tailored training in executive leadership.


You will quickly go from learning and applying core consulting skills to leading efforts that shape how life sciences companies address their most pressing challenges.

Given the size of the firm, our entrepreneurial culture, and flat organizational structure, associates can expect to interact with firm leaders frequently. We care about performance and results more than titles, and we keep hierarchy to a minimum. Based on experience and performance on casework, associates have the opportunity to advance rapidly.

A Day at Clarion

Julie Kim

- Julie Kim


7:00 am

My Friday morning starts around 7am with a cup of tea and a quick 10-15 minute meditation session or wake-up yoga. The firm has been working from home due to the coronavirus, so I have more flexibility in my morning and can take time to really set intentions for the day.

8:00 am

I settle in at my home office on my kitchen island so I can work both sitting and standing. I start by checking my emails and Zoom chat. I read over messages from my manager and clients and take notes on the potential changes we might need to make on our upcoming deliverables. Then my project team meets for a morning check-in call to align on the goals and responsibilities for the day.

8:45 am

Having aligned on the project goals for the day, I jump into my first task- preparing to interview an immunology key opinion leader (KOL). My current project is an opportunity assessment and forecast, where we are assessing the potential of a therapy in treating refractory patients across several rare disease areas. We are conducting KOL interviews to gain insights into how physicians perceive the potential therapy and what they find particularly encouraging or challenging about the product profile. I read over the interview guide and other materials a couple times to make sure I am well prepared.

10:30 am

With the help of other team members on the call, we were able to have a very insightful and comprehensive interview. I quickly clean up the interview notes while my mind is fresh. We check-in as a team to share insights from the interview and align on next steps. We agreed that we need to dig deeper into the epidemiology numbers as it feeds into our forecast model, so I start secondary research, reading literature and extracting specific information pertinent to our project. Finding a reliable resource for some country-specific data was a little challenging, so I seek help from my project team.

12:00 pm

The morning passed by very quickly, and it is already lunch. I quickly make myself a salad and join the Café Lunch Break, a Zoom event for Clarion co-workers to pop in and socialize over lunch when possible. Since we don’t have opportunities to grab lunch or coffee together in-person, it’s great that our Director of Talent and Culture set up this standing meeting so members of the firm can virtually catch up throughout the week. I’m glad I was able to make it today, as I got a chance to meet the summer interns who recently joined.

1:00 pm

After lunch, I continue reading literature to complement what we have learned so far from the KOL interviews. Once I feel like I have a good path forward, I put together the key data I gathered from literature and interviews into an Excel spreadsheet, so it’s well organized and can be easily accessed by the rest of the team members for the forecast model.

2:00 pm

I receive a Zoom message from my manager saying that she reviewed the slides I produced yesterday and left some comments. I start addressing her comments, adding more details and making the slide a bit more visual. Ultimately, our goal is to synthesize our research into coherent, digestible slides telling a full story to answer our client’s questions. After addressing the comments, I shoot the next iteration to my manager for another round of review.

3:00 pm

Next up, I join my project team meeting. Our team consists of four people within the firm, an associate (me), a senior associate, a consultant, and a principal. Collaborating with team members from across the firm provides the opportunity to share ideas and contribute meaningfully regardless of level, which I appreciate as a newer employee. Looking ahead to our priorities for next week, we plan to adjust our interview guide for our remaining interviews to make sure that we capture any areas of interest we have yet to discuss with the experts. We also discuss the additional inputs that are required for the forecast model.

4:30 pm

After my project team meeting, I have a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee meeting. We start by reviewing a plan of the committee’s work going forward. We discuss ways to improve our mission statement and break up into two working groups for discussion, and I volunteer to work with the group developing activities for firm engagement. We take turns making suggestions, including a media club where we can hold discussions on DEI-related books / journals / documentaries. The DEI Committee, along with the Social Committee, Wellness Committee, and Charitable Giving Committee, promote a strong sense of community within the office, provide great opportunities for associates to take on significant leadership roles, and allow everyone’s voice be heard.

5:00 pm

I’ve wrapped up my work for the week and touch base with my team to ensure we reached our daily goals and plan on the next steps. Then I join the Virtual Social Friday, an event where the entire firm can socialize while often taking part in a themed activity as part of the fun. Today we have a bracket challenge to see what the best quarantine/WFH TV shows are—and some of my submissions made it to the top of the list! From gathering in the office common space to wind down and now catching up in a remote format, it’s great that Clarion has continued many traditions to keep everyone connected.

What We’re Looking For

Clarion seeks intellectually curious, highly analytical, team-oriented contributors. We love rolling up our sleeves and helping life sciences companies address their most important strategic challenges.

Our associates demonstrate an ability to think logically, solve problems creatively, and communicate complex ideas effectively. Mostly, we want passionate, smart, hard-working people who embrace the thrill of daunting questions.

A life sciences strategy and organizational consultancy that collaborates with its clients to envision, craft and enable growth through innovation and leadership.
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A life sciences strategy and organizational consultancy that collaborates with its clients to envision, craft and enable growth through innovation and leadership.