Professional Development Opportunities

Clarion invests in your potential as a strategist and business leader.

Clarion builds leaders. We take our mission to train the next generation of life sciences executives seriously. We embrace different goals, backgrounds, and interests by providing a multitude of opportunities to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.


From your first day, we will help you build productive relationships with your peers and senior firm leaders. Our new hire advisor program is designed to seamlessly transition you into your exciting new role as a business strategy consultant.

Formal training

New hires are exposed to the life sciences industry through a two-week training program culminating in a challenging case based on recent Clarion projects. Throughout the program, new hires receive in-depth introductions to industry topics led by experienced consultants with scientific and business expertise.

Tailored performance coaching

Twice a year, everyone at Clarion takes time to reflect on their individual contributions to case teams and firm development. Regular reviews give us a chance to recognize and develop individual strengths, while learning to give and receive constructive feedback. This biannual review cycle culminates in a generous bonus program that recognizes individual contributions and hard work.

Team leadership

At Clarion, you will quickly take on increasing team and project leadership responsibilities. In our close-knit culture, we embrace different management styles. Through close mentoring with firm leaders, we will help you unlock your unique potential to excel as a team manager. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to mentor and guide junior colleagues.

Project design and presentation

Everyone has a voice at Clarion. As an integral member of project teams, you will help shape project approach, craft recommendations, and present findings to clients..

Thought leadership

Your contributions as a scholar do not end when you join Clarion. Our work requires us to stay at the forefront of scientific and clinical discoveries. We encourage our staff to explore their life sciences and business passions through attending conferences, listening to Clarion’s expert speaker series, and authoring papers with new insights.

Exposure to senior leadership

Clarion was founded by entrepreneurs dedicated to the mission of the life sciences industry. They are passionate about working on intriguing problems to help advance promising new ideas. They support the leaders and companies they believe in. To this day, firm leaders remain involved in the day-to-day life of the firm and project work.

Professional Development Opportunities

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