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2019 ESMO Congress Highlights


The ESMO Annual Congress is the largest oncology conference held in Europe, gathering nearly 30,000 participants from around the globe to share and discuss the latest advances in oncology care and cancer biology. Below, we capture some of the highlights from this year’s meeting.

  • PARP inhibitors continue to shine—including PROfound data in prostate cancer, expanding roles in first-line maintenance therapy for ovarian cancer, and new combinations with new competitors
  • Oncogene targeted therapies make progress versus old challenges—including promising data targeting RAS (though not for colorectal cancer) and treating molecular subtypes of cholangiocarcinoma
  • Anti-PD(L)1 continues to move into earlier treatment settings—including neoadjuvant/adjuvant triple-negative breast cancer, first-line hepatocellular carcinoma, and others
  • New insights are shaping the future of immunotherapy—including when and how to use TMB as a predictive biomarker, when to combine two I-O agents or to combine I-O with targeted therapy, and how to deploy engineered T cells to fight solid tumors


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