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For experienced life sciences professionals, Clarion provides an exceptional environment to advance your career as a business leader and strategist. Clarion consultants are integral to the work that we do–mentoring junior team members, shaping project direction, and engaging directly with clients. In our downtown Boston office, you will help lead collaborative, dynamic teams of talented scientists, scholars, and business professionals.

At Clarion, we are committed to building your career. We cultivate our tight-knit culture so that we can understand your goals and support you in achieving your dreams. Under the guidance of senior firm leaders, you will develop the skills you need to have the career you want.

A Day at Clarion

- Natalie German, PhD


6:30 am

I start my day with a run along the Charles River - a very popular morning activity in Boston! I’m always impressed by how many people here hit the jogging paths before work. It’s a great way for me to get energized for the day.

8:00 am

I’m out the door and headed to Harvard Square to catch the red line. One of my favorite things about Clarion is its location near South Station, one of the major public transportation hubs. I love that I can live in a completely different part of town but easily get to work. On my ride in, I catch up on the latest biotech and life sciences news from my favorite news feeds. After just a year and a half at Clarion, it amazes me how many headlines relate to a drug, client, or disease area that I’ve worked on. I feel like I have the inside scoop.

8:30 am

My first stop in the office is the coffee machine. I brew myself a cup and grab some breakfast while I catch up with my colleague, Bigyan, who’s doing the same. I head to the Innovation Room—one of my favorite Clarion spaces—where my team is assembling. We are currently helping a cell therapy biotech prioritize its preclinical and clinical pipeline, recommending assets to fast-track and others to put on the back burner. On deck for later today is an interim presentation with the client’s C-suite. We’ll be sharing our analysis of the competitive intensity and probability of success for each of the client’s assets. One of the partners joins us to give feedback on the deck we shared with him last night, and my team divides up the morning’s to-do list.

10:00 am

After heading back to our offices to make some final tweaks to the deck, my team is all set for the presentation this afternoon. I have a few hours before the meeting, so I head to the Annex—our office’s fun new workspace—to check in with Clara and Geoff, two of our associates. We’ve been putting together a pitch deck for an opportunity assessment project that would focus on a new technology for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. Clara walks me through her slides on potential analogs, and I recommend additional technologies to check out. Next, I meet with Geoff to explain some resources that would be helpful in gathering information about potential price points. I ask Clara and Geoff to send me their new slides by late afternoon so I can review them tonight.

12:00 pm

When lunchtime rolls around, I usually head out to the food trucks just outside the office. However today, lunch is on Clarion, and the firm has invited a recent alum to come back and share what she’s been up to. I head to the conference room and say hi to today’s speaker, Uciane, a former manager who is currently leading business development at a stealth-mode oncology startup. I grab some salad and a sandwich that we’ve catered from my favorite local place, Flour Bakery. The lunchtime speaker series—with panelists including alumni, biotech leaders, financial analysts and patients—is one of my favorite Clarion events. Today, Uciane talks about the transition to her new role and how consulting at Clarion has enabled her to hit the ground running.

2:00 pm

Two teammates and I hop in the car with one of the partners and make the quick 15-minute drive over to Kendall Square. The short travel time to many of our clients is another of my favorite things about working right in the heart of Boston. We head up to the conference room, grab some coffee along the way, and chat with the CFO while we wait for everyone to arrive. I really like that I’ve gotten to know so many people in different roles through all of our recent meetings. When everyone arrives, we settle into the meeting. Each of my team members and I talk through a few of the slides and help field the client’s questions. The medical director fills us in on some new details coming out of their most recent clinical trial, which we’ll incorporate into our analysis.

5:00 pm

It’s been a productive meeting. My team has a few slides to modify in order to finalize this particular deliverable, and since it’s nearing the end of the day, we decide to finish up at the client site. We grab a conference room, recap the meeting, and complete the final edits.

6:30 pm

I hop on the train and head home. Clara and Geoff have sent me their slides, and I’ll take some time to review them tonight while dinner is cooking. After that, the rest of the evening is mine. At the end of each day, I enjoy knowing that the next day at Clarion could be entirely different. The variation keeps things fresh and means I’m always learning something new.

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Clarion seeks highly intelligent, team-oriented life sciences leaders. Our teams of accomplished scientists and savvy business experts thrive on helping life sciences companies address their most important strategic challenges. Our consultants take-on significant project leadership and client engagement responsibilities.

They must demonstrate an ability to think logically, solve problems creatively, and communicate complex ideas effectively. Mostly, we want passionate, smart, hard-working leaders who embrace the thrill of daunting questions.

A life sciences strategy and organizational consultancy that collaborates with its clients to envision, craft and enable growth through innovation and leadership.
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A life sciences strategy and organizational consultancy that collaborates with its clients to envision, craft and enable growth through innovation and leadership.