Application of Technology Assessment

Understand and identify paths forward for novel technology.


Better understanding of fundamental biological processes has allowed for the development of novel platforms with the potential to treat or cure broad sets of disorders. However, these platform approaches require careful consideration around which disorders to target and in what order to maximize both the probability of success and commercial potential.

Our client, a major pharmaceutical company, was looking to understand the range of potential uses for a new platform technology to inform strategic investment decisions. While the client team had a strong overall understanding of the promise and potential applications of the technology, it was unclear which disorders would represent the best set of targets, both from a development and commercial standpoint, and how our client should structure their approach to these disorders.



Clarion’s team of seasoned, scientifically-minded consultants worked with the client to rapidly determine the set of criteria necessary to identify the disorders that were the best candidates to apply the new technology. Clarion built a comprehensive set of applicable disorders, noting disorders that could be targeted given specific advances in the core technology. Utilizing this set of potential targets, Clarion leveraged its commercial expertise to help the client understand the overall attractiveness of each approach, positioning them to make key near-term and long-range strategic decisions around capability requirements and investment opportunities.

Disorder Applicability Criteria

  • Fully-aligned and vetted set of criteria for identifying disorders that could be treated by platform technology

Applicable Disorder Database

  • Comprehensive set of disorders, including whether the technology would apply and criteria necessary to reconsider applicability
  • Commercial and development attributes for each of the key disorders

Presentation of Strategic Recommendations

  • Presentation to discuss strategic options arising from disorder analysis, including technological improvements to pursue, full set of potential disorders, and potential strategic approaches to developing in the area



The client utilized Clarion’s frameworks and disorder database, which was used to inform business development and internal research decisions. Parts of the R&D organization continue to leverage these documents to guide their current approach post-project delivery.

The Clarion Difference

  • Scientific strength: Ensures rigorous approach to understanding technical approaches and disorder complexity
  • Collaborative approach: The Clarion team leverages client strengths and builds consensus throughout the project
  • Elegant solutions: Deep scientific and commercial experience allows the Clarion team to quickly focus on what matters and communicate findings across the organization

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