Senior Associate Role

Accomplished scholars concluding advanced studies in healthcare, STEM, or business-related fields.

For recent advanced degree graduates, Clarion provides an exceptional opportunity to launch your career as a business leader. Senior associates gain deep experience in and broad exposure to the life sciences industry. In our downtown Boston office, you will work in collaborative and dynamic teams with other talented researchers and scholars. We deliberately structure our teams to further your executive leadership confidence and abilities.

As a senior associate, you will quickly go from learning and applying core consulting skills to leading efforts that shape how life sciences companies address their most pressing challenges.

At Clarion, you can build on your previous research and work experiences to help overcome the diverse scientific, organizational, and commercial challenges that our clients confront.


PROPEL Three-Day Program

Are you a current grad student or post-doc looking for…

  • An exciting opportunity to propel your career into the fast-paced world of life sciences strategy consulting?
  • The chance to apply the deep content knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that you’ve developed in your post-graduate work?
  • A career that challenges you to examine and address complex business issues facing leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry?

PROPEL is a three-day leadership training program that allows advanced degree candidates to experience life sciences strategy consulting at Clarion.

A Day at Clarion

- Federica Sgariglia, PhD

Senior Associate

8:00 am

I try to get in a little before 8 am to get settled and start my day. My commute is only a 15-20 minute T ride, which is the perfect amount of time to listen to my favorite news podcast. After arriving at the office, I take a few minutes to make my morning coffee, check emails, and skim through a few life sciences industry headlines in my daily news digest.

8:45 am

My team and I head to a conference room where we confer on today’s top priorities. We are currently helping our client define their five-year strategy in renal cancer. At 9 am, my teammate and I dial-in to an interview with a prominent oncologist in Chicago. We talk for about an hour to better understand how renal cancer treatment paradigms have evolved after recent breakthroughs in immuno-oncology.

10:30 am

After the interview and a quick debrief, the team and I jump on a call with the client to share highlights from the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference, one of the largest oncology meetings that we attend each year. My manager walks through the high-level recommendations our team has been developing over the past couple weeks and then turns it over to me to delve into more specific strategic implications and answer questions from the client.

12:00 pm

My colleague, Natalie, comes by my desk to see if I want to grab lunch. We round up a few other of our colleagues and head downstairs while chatting. Since we’re located in the heart of downtown Boston, there is a nice variety of options just steps away from the office. I usually check out the food trucks in Dewey Square- today “Gogi on the Block” is there (Korean BBQ - a Clarion favorite!).

1:15 pm

After lunch, my manager and I go over the slides about novel predictive biomarkers in renal cancer I created yesterday. As I walk him through my work, he provides helpful feedback on both the content and style of my slides. Together, we identify the next presentation section for me to develop, which will be a competitive landscape analysis.

3:00 pm

After updating my slides, it’s time for my afternoon coffee break! I check in with my peer advisor to see if she is free to take a quick break. As with each senior associate, I’ve been matched with a consultant as a peer mentor. While taking a short walk to one of the local coffee shops in the area, I tell her about how things are going for me at work, and she shares tips about good secondary research resources.

3:30 pm

Feeling energized, I finish implementing my manager’s feedback on my slides then start working on the new section I’ve been assigned. While learning about the renal cancer competitive landscape, I start identifying and drafting a summary of initial competitive insights that are pertinent to my client.

6:30 pm

I’ve finished my work for the day right in time to head to the gym. Today, Clarion’s Wellness Committee organized a team spinning class, so we round everyone up in the office and head to the studio as a group. Most of the time, my colleagues and I head right downstairs to the gym around this time. We have a great corporate membership that gives us access to multiple sports clubs throughout the city. After spinning, I get home and check my email quickly before dinner. No emails tonight, so I quickly review my slides to make sure I’m ready to present to the team tomorrow morning.

What We’re Looking For

Clarion seeks intellectually curious, highly analytical, team-oriented contributors. We love rolling up our sleeves and helping life sciences companies address their most important strategic challenges.

Our senior associates demonstrate an ability to think logically, solve problems creatively, and communicate complex ideas effectively. Mostly, we want passionate, smart, hard-working people who embrace the thrill of daunting questions.

A life sciences strategy and organizational consultancy that collaborates with its clients to envision, craft and enable growth through innovation and leadership.
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Advanced Degree

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A life sciences strategy and organizational consultancy that collaborates with its clients to envision, craft and enable growth through innovation and leadership.